Past & Future Jerusalem Intertwine in Nachlaot

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and a bus load of sleepy Heller High students were Jerusalem bound amidst the rush hour traffic.  After heading up seven flights of stairs, a feat some said was comparable to climbing Masada in our out-of-shape state, we all sat down before a representative of OrCam Myeye.… Continue reading Past & Future Jerusalem Intertwine in Nachlaot


Simplistic Cooking

If there is anything to know when it comes to basic home cooking, it's that simple recipes and fresh ingredients yield a better outcome.  Have you ever noticed that on many occasions you may have thought that whatever you were working on—whether it be cooking or art, the more details you added, it did not… Continue reading Simplistic Cooking


Healthified Big Mac

My blog is full of contradictions.  On one hand I have posts about healthy eating and resolutions, but on the other I have recipes for marshmallows and ice cream.  Don’t be so quick to judge though.  I’m all about being able to strike a balance.  This recipe is one that I’ve made inspired by a… Continue reading Healthified Big Mac


Better than Bath & Body

We are all familiar with Bath and Body Work's signature Warm Vanilla Sugar scent that most of their products come in.  No matter what you get at that store, there is no going wrong with that one.   Though this is true, nothing can beat real vanilla sugar.  It is pretty difficult to mess up… Continue reading Better than Bath & Body

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Marshmallow “Peeps”

Right after Valentine’s day, stores are always quick to set out all the Spring and Easter themed candy, one of the most well-known and coveted treats being peeps.  A few years ago, I was trying to find something more interesting to make and stumbled upon a marshmallow recipe.  My first thought was “You can make… Continue reading Marshmallow “Peeps”


Time to Par-Tea!

I have always loved the idea of dedicating a part of the day to enjoying tea and little snacks that look too perfect to eat, like British people traditionally do (or so I’ve heard). Americans have their own version of high tea, but we enjoy our liquid energy boost to-go in Styrofoam cups or in… Continue reading Time to Par-Tea!