Go-To Products & Pieces

My monthly favorites and where to buy them: beauty +hair products, clothing, and home good


I highly recommend the Tarteist Pro Glow and the Born This Way Concealer!  Sephora’s line of lip scrubs is also great (this one is honey).


The farmer girl look has been extremely popular and rightly so.  Bright reds and yellows are all over the place and every  trendy clothing store has bandanas in their accessories section.  Mine is from a thrift store in NYC, because I wanted to save a couple of bucks, but you’ll surely find one in some of your own go-to stores.  Even better, go to Walmart or a craft store and get a traditional one for two dollars.  My shirt is now on sale at Pac-Sun for ten dollars.  The bag is also from a thrift store, and I included it because small backpack purses have been in for a while now.  As for the water bottle peeking out of the bag–that’s the S’well brand.  S’well is absolutely amazing for insulating your drinks.  I legit poured boiling hot tea into one, then put the bottle in the freezer overnight, and it was just as hot in the morning.  Its crazy!

As for makeup, something I recommend is going for bronze-dewy hue since its summer.  For the natural makeup look, moisturize first and us a lip balm/scrub.   After that, apply small amounts of concealer as you need.  The idea is to use face makeup minimally.  Blend some bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks, just enough for a little bit of definition.  Use highlight on your cheek bones lightly.  Apply highlight to your eyelids and bronzer to your creases.  Curl your eyelashes.  Put on your favorite mascara.  Finish off with a facial spray.




Though I doubted that floral patterns wouldn’t return after they were super popular in Spring 2014-2015, they are back once again and as a Spring staple.  It seems like these cropped front tie shirts are everywhere now, and with reason.  I got the pink shirt from Pacsun and the yellow at TJ Max for around ten bucks.  It seems as though TJ does not carry things for long, so that deal is most likely long gone, but there are plenty more.  The jeans shown are from Gap and are about a year old now.   If you are searching for Spring/ Summer style jeans, its the place to go because Gap always has decent prices and great quality.  The shoes shown are basic canvas Sperries I included solely because they go with the outfit (no pun intended).  Sadly, the origins of the sunglasses with the brown frames are unknown, but the thick gray ones are from Madewell.  I don’t know about you but this outfit gives me Spring picnic vibes and its super cute.

Pink Shirt

Yellow Shirt





Its a bit too late to jump on the Valentine’s Day train, so here is a compilation of some great makeup products inspired by natural, nude, and flirty tones.  The brands/ links are listed below the photos.  If you are looking for any “nude” colored lip products, I did the trial and error for you and have found that these are the best.


Clinique Highlighter Stick 

Apply a small amount to cheek bones for a perfect dewy look

Clinique Lipstick

The shades that this  lipstick comes in are very flattering and complement a variety of skin tones, as to not exaggerate your lips or “overdo it”per say.

NARS Lip Color

Of the lip products, this is the most natural, as it does not look like you are wearing lip product

Mellow Lip Paint

Mellow Lip Paint dries fast and creates a matte finish.

Clinique Eyeshadow

Apply the lighter shade on your lower lid and the darker shade on your crease, blending well. 

Clinique Bronzer Stick

This one is best applied with a makeup sponge and ideally used with the Clinique highlighter.


A few of my picks for new years and holiday parties



Simple Party Look

It is very late in the month to be posting holiday outfits since there is probably no way that you can go out and buy or even order some of this stuff online, but hopefully you will receive some inspiration.  All of the blue colored writing will direct you to the website with the item.  Without further or do, here is why I recommend each product or garment that you see here.

Lace Back Black Velvet Dress

This is a go-to little black dress that is so customizable, flattering, and on trend.  Personally I was not a fan of the velvet fabric craze, simply because it is a bit out there.  But if you would like to try out this more “adventurous” style, what better way to do it than in black because the velvet is a nice touch, but not too noticeable or outrageous. What is so great about the dress is how plain it is in the front, which makes layering it with a statement piece necklace tasteful.

Leather Jacket

Finding the perfect leather jacket that pairs with everything is so difficult–believe me.  Finally on my ongoing search for one, this blessing was hanging on a rack in Lucky Brand, begging: “Please buy me! I’m on sale !”.  What happened was definitely love at first sight.  Typically leather jackets are too bulky or over accessorized with buckles and zippers. However, this one  is a game changer.  As to not over-do it with the leather, it has side areas with a stretchy material that accents the jacket well.  Wear it with dresses like this one or with an everyday outfit–either way you can’t go wrong.


Red lip gloss– Its less harsh than full on red lip stick, with its lighter finish, but still creates that classic look.

Estee Lauder Mascara– Life changing lengthening mascara to say the least!

The issue with the average mascara is that they clump your lashes together, giving you an unnatural appearance.  With this one, the wand and consistency of the makeup separate each lash, making them look longer and more effortless.

Liquid Soft Finish Highlighter– Lately it seems like highlight has been all the rage  and at this point using is apart of most people’s  routines.  Its amazing because of how easily it blends, and how such a small amount goes a long way.

Shaping Brow Pencil– For party looks, most people want to try something a bit out of their comfort zone—something bold.  Filling in your eyebrows tastefully will compliment your facial features adding to that boldness.  The pencil for this brow filler is shaped at an angle, acting as a guide to enhance your arches.

New Years Party Nails- Last but not least, the nail polish is just an average brand and polish, but the point is to try to go with more sparkly shades this time of year.  I know what you’re thinking “I normally do colors that are incognito and basic, so no way!”.  Many people go by this rule of thumb when choosing polish, but December is  the time of year for beauty and fashion risks!  Plus if it is worn with a simple ensemble like this one, then it will accentuate the outfit that much more.




Basics on a Budget

If you know me, then you know I love my chic basics (seriously, I do…).  This cardigan is an amazing find from H&M and it is great quality knit.  I had been searching for something like this for so long; one that would go with most outfits and wouldn’t wear down after washes, and there it was for just $17.  Next is this tank top from Forever 21, which is nice because the material is super soft, and once again (where my love for basics originates), it will go with anything.  Yes this store can be questionable in terms of quality, but I have certain standards when I go to Forever and it meets them for $3.  Last, for the clothes are the Zobha leggings, which were very cheap at T.J., Maxx.  If you don’t know Zobha, they are known for high-end stylish active-wear, so keep an eye out for them at T.J.

Cardigan: http://www.hm.com/us/product/68105?article=68105-D&cm_vc=SEARCH   

Tank: uhttps://www.forever21.com/us/shop/catalog/Product/F21/top_blouses_b/2000220910                                                                                                                                                       Leggings: https://tjmaxx.tjx.com/store/shop/women-women-activewear-capris/_/N-2755249271?ln=2:1:women

No Makeup Look

What I stand by when it comes to makeup, is the less is more kind of look.  Don’t cover up your beautiful natural features, just highlight them!  What I’m loving now for face makeup is the Clinique foundation and concealer because its the deal of deals at $28 (makeup is so expensive, and you’re saving a good twenty bucks by getting 2-in-1).  I have always stood by this company because they always focus on using ingredients that don’t ruin your skin, which is great.  Also from Clinique, there’s the Chubby Plump & Shine in Normous Nude.  Lip glosses that complement your natural color are are awesome, and this kind is really long lasting ($17.50).  These days I’ve been using the Benefit Gimme Brow because it seriously does give you fuller looking brows–not kidding.  Your eyebrow game will be popping, plus its only $12 bucks.  Trust me, many times people over do it with eyebrows, but really a little goes a long way, so its better to go with this travel size.  Last is the Amazonian Clay Bronzer, which is their best selling product for a reason.  This bronzer is legitimately the best because it looks very natural and it blends so well.  I got mine in either my Ipsy or Birchbox, however it is $30.  Yes it is pricey, but if you are someone who does not wear a lot of make-up it is worth it sinceit lasts for so long.

Foundation + Concealer:  http://www.clinique.com/product/1599/34817/makeup/foundations/beyond-perfecting-foundation-concealer#/shade/5-5-Ecru      

Gloss: http://www.clinique.com/product/1603/45451/makeup/lip-glosses/chubby-plump-shine-liquid-lip-plumping-gloss#/shade/Normous-Nude     

Brows: https://www.benefitcosmetics.com/us/en/product/gimme-brow-travel-size-mini     

Bronzer: http://tartecosmetics.com/tarte-item-powder-bronzer